Memorial Tree Program

Through the Town of Oakville's Memorial Tree Program you can purchase or adopt a tree in memory of a loved one, to dedicate to a friend or family member, or to commemorate a special event. The gift of a tree is a lasting tribute, and will benefit the community by enhancing our natural environment.

Town staff will select an appropriate new tree for your chosen location or identify an appropriate tree for adoption, and provide the care and maintenance other park trees receive from the town. New trees will be planted in spring only to ensure they have a full growing season to establish.

Plaque for a memorial tree

Plaque for a memorial tree

How to order

Select your park or cemetery, take a photograph of the memorial tree, and complete the memorial tree program order form (pdf). Submit the order form and photograph to ServiceOakville. The town requires a non-refundable deposit of $250. After the tree is planted or adopted and your plaque is installed, the town will invoice you for the balance.


Five year contract for new or adopted tree: $2,362.97 plus tax

The $2,362.97 initial payment covers the purchase, planting and maintenance of your tree for the first five years, plus a personalized cast bronze plaque. The commemorative plaque, 16 centimetres by 10 centimetres (6 inches by 4 inches), is set in concrete and placed at the base of your memorial tree. The town will cover the cost of a one-time replacement if your plaque is stolen or vandalized. You will also receive a certificate acknowledging the planting or tree adoption. Placement of memorial wreaths, flowers or other items on or around the tree is not permitted.

Contract renewal (every five years): $562.59 plus tax (fee subject to change)

A $562.59 fee is charged every five years to cover the cost of regular tree care and maintenance. If you do not wish to renew your contract after five years or we are unable to contact you, the plaque will be removed and the tree will become available for adoption.

Locations available for memorial tree planting

You can adopt a tree from any town park or cemetery, subject to availability. The locations listed below are available for new memorial tree plantings.


Annapolis Park
Ardleigh Park
Arkendo Park
Aspen Forest Park
Beechnut Forest Park
Candy Cane Park
Carol Park
Chamberlain Park
Charnwood Park
Deer Run Park
Dunvegan Park
Falgarwood Park


Gainsborough Park
Glen Allen Park
Golden Meadow Trail Park
Grand Oak Park
Harman Gate Park
Heritage Way Park
Holton Heights Park
Lawson Park
Lawson Playground
Maple Valley Park
Martindale Park
Millbank Park
Millstone Park
Mohawk Park


Nena Woods Park
North Ridge Trail Park
Nottinghill park
Palermo Cemetery
Perkins Passage
Pilgrims Way Park
Pinery Park
Pinewood Park
Postridge Park
Queen Elizabeth Park


River Glen Park
Samuel Curtis Parkette
Seabrook Park
Sedgewick Park
Sixteen Hollow Park
South Shell Park
Trafalgar Lawn Cemetery
Village Wood Park
West Oak Trail Park
Winfield Parkette
Woodgate Woods
Woodhaven Park

For more information

tel: 905-845-6601
TTY: 905-338-4200