Multiple Vehicle Permit Terms and Conditions

Multiple vehicle permits (MVP) provides residents with temporary parking for 5 or more vehicles in the following instances:

  • camper/recreational trailer
  • resident planning an event
  • multi-residential construction
  • roadway construction/developer finishing a subdivision
  • organization holding an event for its members/group

MVPs provide temporary on-street parking for up to 15 days or events per year. These permits grant on-street parking permission for longer than three hours and/or between the hours 2 and 6 a.m.

MVPs can be requested online five business days in advance of the permit start date. Requests will be reviewed and processed within five business days. Upon approval it is important to note that these permits do not guarantee parking spaces.

Special events

MVP permits will not allow for parking in areas that have temporary "no parking" signs or road closures posted for a special event.

Please contact Service Oakville 905-845-6601 for more information on parking in your area during an event.

To find out more about temporary parking restrictions in your area please visit the Service Disruptions page.

The Town of Oakville is not responsible for loss or damage to vehicles while parked on the town road allowance, however caused.

An Oakville resident that needs short term on-street parking for more than five passenger vehicles due to an event (e.g. party or wedding)

Specific permit conditions

  • Requests will be approved based on availability of parking in the area. The permit will specify the number of vehicles approved.
  • The applicant is responsible for making accommodations for any vehicles that are not covered by the approved permit.

An Oakville resident can request an on-street parking permit for a camper/trailer for up to twenty-four hours (one night before trip and one night upon return from trip).

Specific permit conditions

  • These permits are for 24 hours only and must be displayed on the vehicle.
  • Available to Oakville residents only. Not intended for visitors to the household with a camper.
  • If you require parking for both loading and unloading you must request 2 separate permits.
  • Parking operations will assess where to best offer parking based on availability and suitable location.
  • Permit may be denied based on availability to accommodate length of vehicle.
  • Motor homes must be attached to the vehicle at all times when on road.
  • These permits are offered to Oakville residents as a courtesy for load up/unloading only.
  • Motor home cannot be connected to power or water services.

A developer or builder may request permits on behalf of the resident when access to the homeowner’s private parking is unavailable due to paving or construction.

Specific permit conditions

  • These permits are requested by the builder, developer or town contractor.
  • Applicants can request up to 15 dates per year.
  • These permits are available when access to private parking is temporarily denied due to construction of the road, sidewalk, curb, utility, etc.
  • Staff will review and approve locations where parking availability exists.

A multi residential building may request permits on behalf of their tenants for up to a period of 15 days for activities that require on-street parking such as a garage repair

Specific permit conditions

  • These permits are requested by property management or by the condo corporation.
  • Extension may be granted for building projects spanning past a 15 day period when a valid building permit exists.

An organization (e.g. a church or a school) may request permits for overflow parking during a special event (e.g. back to school open house). These permits are requested by the organization

Other conditions

A MVP permit cannot be used to park a vehicle:

  • In such a manner to block another vehicle
  • In a fire route
  • In a designated accessible parking space
  • Within one metre of a driveway
  • Within three metres of a fire hydrant
  • Within 10 metres of an intersection
  • Within 15 metres of a bus stop
  • On any other street than identified on the permit
  • Contrary to other parking regulations, signed or unsigned or temporary signage placed during special events
  • For more than 24 hours without moving

Vehicles not covered under MVP

The following vehicles are not covered under an MVP unless otherwise specified in the approved permit:

  • Commercial vehicles
  • Recreational vehicles
  • Trailers
  • Vehicles with attached trailer
  • Un-plated vehicles
  • Vehicles with expired plates
  • • Vehicles with a temporary license or trip permit
  • Inoperable vehicles
  • Vehicles leaking/dripping fluids
  • Vehicle storage (parking a vehicle on the street for longer than 24 hours is considered vehicle storage)
  • Resale
  • Other uses not specified by the resident at the time of request