Property Ownership Changes

Changing ownership or address

If your mailing address needs to be changed, please fill out the form below. If the ownership of the property is changing, please provide applicable legal documentation to support ownership change i.e. copy of title transfer; marriage certificate, death certificate. Ownership will not be changed without legal documentation.

If you are moving within Oakville and currently pay your taxes through a pre-authorized payment program please be aware that the program is not transferable. You must cancel your old payment program and complete a new application form for your new property. Please advise the town as soon as possible of an impending change.

If you are moving within Oakville and pay your taxes by Internet, telephone or ATM banking, please be aware that your property account number is not transferable. You must change your options on your web banking to the correct property account number to ensure that your payments are applied to your property.

There is a new account administration fee of $45.

Sold sign in front of house

Sold sign in front of house

Supplementary and omitted assessments

Supplementary and omitted assessments reflect any increase in assessment due to an addition on or improvement to a property. If your property is a newly constructed home, it is likely your initial assessment is for the value of the land only. When these situations occur, an assessor from the Municipal Property Assessment Commission (MPAC) will assess any additional value.

When you receive your supplementary or omitted tax bill it will be retroactive to the date you purchased the property. Legislation allows MPAC to add omitted assessments for the current year and the preceding two years.