Residential Building Permits

Active Building and Development Permits

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Examples of projects that require residential building permits

  • A structure of any size that contains plumbing
  • Addition of a carport, garage or room(s) to an existing home
  • Addition of a deck if over 60 centimetres (2 feet) above the adjacent grade (e.g. decks around above-ground pools) or if it is to be attached to the house
  • Any structural work including alterations to interior partitions or the installation of skylights, windows or doors
  • Addition of dormer(s)
  • Constructing or installing accessory buildings such as a garage or shed larger than 10 square-metres (107 square-feet)
  • Construction of a new home
  • Construction or finishing of rooms in the basement or attic
  • Converting a garage space into living space
  • Designated structures such as retaining walls and solar panels
  • Enclosing a porch or deck
  • Geothermal systems
  • Grow-op and fire damage restoration
  • New water service, new sewers, alteration or extension of existing plumbing system
  • Plumbing work including solar heating and lawn sprinklers
  • Raising a house or excavating a crawl space to provide a full basement
  • Wood burning fireplaces and other heating appliances including the alteration, replacement or extension of ductwork

Applying for a residential building permit

  1. Submit two sets of drawings. Permit applications must be accompanied by detailed scaled drawings clearly indicating the full scope of work. Drawings you may need:
    • Site plan of property with proposal and site statistics
    • Floor plans
    • Elevations
    • Section
    • Details
    • Truss layout and specifications
    • Mechanical (heat loss/heat gain, duct layout)
  2. Determine required approvals from external governing agencies. Obtaining consent may be a lengthy process so please establish early what is required to satisfy the pertinent requirements.
  3. Complete building permit application forms. Open application and schedules in advance or pick up copies from Building Services at Town Hall.
  4. Visit Building Services at Town Hall to submit application forms along with drawings, permit fee and supporting documents. Open the residential submission checklist (pdf).

Please remember it is unlawful to commence construction prior to a building permit being issued.

Heritage property permits

Visit the Heritage Planning page for information on permits required for alterations to properties designated individually or as part of a heritage conservation district under the Ontario Heritage Act.