Please Let's Add New Trees!

Trees planted since March 2018:


Did you know the largest amount of available tree-planting space in Oakville is on private property? Plant trees on your property and help our canopy grow! Then add your trees to our tree counter.

Increasing Oakville's tree canopy

Oakville’s tree canopy is the leafy area that is made up of all the trees growing in the town, including town-owned street and park trees, trees in forested areas, as well as trees on private property.

The town has a 40 per cent canopy coverage goal which means, if you picture the town as a large, white rectangle, we’re aiming to have at least 40 per cent of that space coloured green with leafy trees. As of 2018 the canopy coverage in Oakville is 27.8 per cent. We’re on our way to reach our target, but we can't do it without you!

Please let's add new trees!

How do I participate?

Plant a tree on your property and get counted! Everyone — residents, homeowners, business owners, and community groups — can all help increase our tree canopy. Visit our Tree Planting page for a list of native species best suited for Oakville, and get planting/tree care tips.

Once your tree is planted, add your new tree to our tree counter and watch our canopy grow!



Count me in!

We can’t do it without you. Plant trees on your property and help the town reach our 40 per cent canopy coverage goal.

Every tree counts.

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Check out all the trees we've planted

This is the number of trees our community and the town’s forestry section have told us they’ve planted since May 2018.

Trees benefit everyone by

  • cleaning the air we breathe
  • providing shade and cooling our homes
  • adding beauty to our neighbourhoods
  • increasing property values
  • reducing soil erosion
  • providing food and habitat for wildlife