Road Resurfacing Program - The six phase cycle

The program consists of a five phase cycle. Each cycle takes approximately 3-5 weeks to complete. If needed, a final phase – sod restorations – is typically completed in the fall when sod replacement is more favourable.

Phase 1: Localized Concrete repairs

The contractor will first complete all necessary concrete curb and sidewalk repairs. Repairs are completed to address drainage issues, tripping hazards and improve accessibility. Curb and sidewalks are not repaired to correct aesthetic issues such as minor cracking. Excavations will be backfilled shortly after concrete repairs are completed in preparation for sod placement later in the year.

Duration: 3-8 days dependent on the number of repairs and weather constraints.

Phase 2: Full or Partial Depth Asphalt Removal and Grading:

The contractor will then remove the asphalt. Depending on the existing thickness, asphalt will be partially removed or may be fully removed. If the asphalt is fully removed, new granular material will be placed on the roadway and graded. This operation will typically occur approximately one (1) week after the concrete works are completed.

Duration: 1-2 days depending on the existing asphalt thickness and size/length of the roadway.

Phase 3: Asphalt Placement

After the contractor has completed the partial or full removal of the asphalt they will place the first of typically two layers of asphalt. Asphalt is typically placed between 1-5 days after the removal depending on whether granular grading is required. This can vary depending on weather conditions.

Duration: 1-3 days depending on the length of the roadway as well as weather conditions.

Phase 4: Maintenance Hole Adjustments

During the Fourth Phase the contractor will adjust the maintenance holes within the roadway to the final grade. Maintenance holes will typically be lowered during construction to help improve accessibility to the site and help the flow of traffic during construction. Once the first layer of asphalt has been placed, the maintenance holes are adjusted to the final grade in preparation for the final layer of asphalt.

Duration: Typically occurs 5-7 days after the first layer of asphalt has been placed. The adjustments will take approximately 1-3 days to complete depending on the number of maintenance holes present.

Phase 5: Final layer asphalt placement

During this phase the contractor will place the final layer of asphalt pavement. This phase is the last phase in the construction work.

Duration: Typically occurs approximately 3-5 days after the maintenance holes have been adjusted. The final lift of asphalt will take approximately 1-3 days to complete depending on the length of the roadway and weather conditions.

Phase 6: Sod restorations – if required

Sod restorations are typically completed in September-October when the temperature and weather conditions are more favorable for sod placement. The contractor will remove weeds and re-grade the areas prior to sod placement.