The town’s Animal Control By-law 2018-006 regulates the keeping of pets and other animals within the town. The by-law provides regulations for:

  • licensing requirements (required for dogs only)
  • pets at large (off leash and not on the owner's property)
  • leash requirements
  • standards of care
  • what animals residents can have in their homes, and
  • the number of pets per household.

Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times on public property, when not in a designated leash free areas according to the Parks By-law and Animal Control By-law. Having your dog off-leash where not permitted is a ticketable offence.

Under the by-law you must obtain a dog licence seven days from the date you become a dog owner or seven days from the date you move to Oakville if you already own a dog. The Oakville identification tag must be affixed at all times.