2015 Rates and Fees

Council has approved the 2015 rates and fees recommended by the Budget Committee. On average, rates and fees will increase between two and three per cent which will generate close to $1.1 million in revenue to help fund valued programs and services.

All Rates and Fees (pdf)
Building Services (pdf)
Clerk's — By-law (pdf)
Clerk's — Public Services (pdf)
Development Engineering (pdf)
Environmental Policy (pdf)
Facilities and Construction Management (pdf)
Financial Services (pdf)
Fire — Emergency Services (pdf)
Infrastructure Maintenance (pdf)
Infrastructure Planning and Improvements (pdf)
Library (pdf)
Parking (pdf)
Parks — Cemeteries (pdf)
Parks — Harbours (pdf)
Parks — Permitting and Scheduling (pdf)
Planning (pdf)
Recreation and Culture (pdf)
ServiceOakville (pdf)
Transit (pdf)