2019 Rates and Fees

The 2019 proposed rates and fees will be adopted as part of the 2019 budget process. They have been available for review since Wednesday, November 21, 2018.

All Rates and Fees (pdf)
Building Services (pdf) - revised December 19, 2018
Clerk's - Legislative Services (pdf)
Clerk's - Licensing (pdf)
Development Engineering (pdf)
Environmental Policy (pdf)
Facilities and Construction Management (pdf)
Financial Services (pdf)
Fire - Emergency Services (pdf)
Infrastructure Maintenance (pdf)
Infrastructure Planning and Improvements (pdf)
Library (pdf)
Municipal Enforcement Services - By-law (pdf)
Municipal Enforcement Services - Licensing (pdf)
Municipal Enforcement Services - Parking (pdf)
Parks - Cemeteries (pdf)
Parks - Harbours (pdf)
Parks - Permitting and Scheduling (pdf)
Planning Services (pdf)
Recreation and Culture (pdf)
ServiceOakville (pdf)
Oakville Transit (pdf)