Use of Town Vehicles, Equipment and Facility Resources Procedure

Purpose statement

This procedure defines the standards and guidelines for the acceptable use of Town of Oakville (town) vehicles, equipment and facility resource(s) (town resource(s)).


This procedure applies to all users of town resources, including but not limited to, elected officials, employees, contractors, consultants, volunteers, students and interns and any other individual with authorized access and use of the town resource(s).


Access and Security

Town resource(s) are to be used by trained and licensed employees or other authorized users, as required, for the purpose of work related activities based on job function.

Town resource(s), except those which employees are authorized to take home, are to be stored and secured overnight on town properties in designated areas.

Town resource(s) are not to be driven or taken beyond the boundaries of the Town of Oakville at any time except when on official town business unless otherwise authorized.


Town resource(s) must be used in compliance with applicable laws or regulations, professional standards, and corporate policies and procedures.

Health and Safety

All employees and authorized users shall operate or use town resource(s) in a safe and responsible manner.

Smoking and/or vaping while accessing or using town resource(s) is prohibited.

When accessing or using a town resource, any cellular or wireless devices and electronic/entertainment devices, personal or town issued, hand-held and hands-free, shall only be used, in accordance with applicable legislation and the “Information Technology General Use and Practices” procedure.

Personal Use

Personal use of town resource(s) is strictly prohibited unless authorized.

Preserving Assets

Town resource(s) are valuable assets and users of such are expected to exercise reasonable care.

Environmental Sustainability

In accordance with the town’s by-laws and policies, idling of town vehicles and equipment is prohibited unless required for operational needs.  Further, in the interests of promoting environmental sustainability, accessing drive thru’s while using a town vehicle is not permitted.  In addition it is expected that town vehicles and equipment will be used in a fuel efficient and environmentally responsible manner.

Consequences of Non-Compliance

Users who fail to comply with the Use of Town Vehicles, Equipment and Facility Resource(s) policy and procedures and associated guidelines may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal, early termination of contract or other sanctions as applicable.  Any fines, charges, etc. received by employees or authorized users of such resource(s) are the responsibility of the user.


Town vehicles, Equipment and Facility Resource(s): for the purpose of this procedure refers to all Town vehicles, equipment and facility resource(s) owned, leased, rented, acquired, managed or otherwise under the control of the Town.

Cellular/Wireless device: for the purposes of this policy, refers to devices that use two-way radio-spectrum frequencies to communicate within the public telephone system or other public telecommunication systems, including, but not limited to, cellular telephones, portable radios, pagers, smart phones, tablets and other wireless devices.

Electronic/Entertainment device: for the purposes of this policy, refers to music, video or media playing device or other similar electronic devices used for entertainment purposes.

Driving or operating equipment: for the purposes of this policy, refers to being in care and control of a vehicle or equipment.


Employees and authorized users:

  • Adhere to the Use of Town Vehicles, Equipment and Facility Resource(s) Policy and Procedure;
  • Ensure the safe operation of the town resource(s);
  • Inspect Town Resource(s) prior to use;
  • Report any hazards, damage, wear and tear on any town resource(s) to their supervisor or manager;
  • Be responsible for any fines and/or charges incurred.
  • Ensure that any town vehicles, equipment and facility resource(s) are stored and secured as appropriate.


  • Authorize, educate and monitor the Use of Vehicles, Equipment and Facility Resource(s) policy and procedure and report any breaches of same;
  • Ensure, that use and access of town vehicles, equipment and facility resource(s) is assigned to trained, competent and appropriately licensed employees and other authorized users;

Procedure details

Procedure Number: A-BMG-002-001
Parent Policy: A-BMG-002
Section: Administration
Sub-Section:Business Management
Author: Human Resources, Roads and Works
Authority: CAO
Effective Date: 2009 Nov 02
Review by Date: 2021
Last Modified: 2016 Sep 16


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The Ontario Human Rights Code
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