Advertising Sales Procedure

Purpose statement

  1. This procedure provides parameters and guidelines that safeguard the Corporation of the Town of Oakville’s (hereinafter referred to as the town) corporate values, image, assets, and interests while increasing the opportunities for revenue generation through advertising.
  2. To protect the integrity of the town website, and to preserve its primary role as an information forum of the town’s objectives, the display of advertising is prohibited on the town website.


Advertising is the sale of space at town events or facilities or on town printed materials to an external company, organization, enterprise, association or individual. Advertising involves the purchase by an advertiser of advertising space sold at rates determined by the town. The purchaser of such space is not entitled to any additional benefits other than those accruing from access to the space purchased.

The primary role of the town website is to provide information. Co-branding, hyperlinked logos, link exchanges, and associate, affiliate, and referral programs will be considered advertising if compensation is exchanged or anticipated, and will not be permitted. Text links from the town’s website that are provided for informational purposes or as part of a comprehensive list of sources or sponsors will not be considered advertising, and they are permitted.


This procedure does not apply to advertising paid for by the town to promote town programs and services.

Restrictions for advertising

  1. The town will not solicit or accept sponsorships, naming rights or advertising sales from companies whose reputation could prove detrimental to the town’s public image.
  2. The town will not allow sponsorships, naming rights or advertising, either directly or through third party arrangements that:
  • Promote consumption of alcohol, marijuana and addictive substances, at events or venues geared primarily to children.
  • Promote the sale of tobacco.
  • Promote pornography.
  • Promote the support of or involvement in the production, distribution, and sale of weapons and other life-threatening products.
  • Present demeaning or derogatory portrayals of individuals or groups or contain any message that is likely to cause deep or widespread offence.


Criteria for advertising

  1. Advertisements at town events, facilities, properties or in town publications must not in any way diminish the town’s public image or commitment to inclusiveness.
  2. Advertising arrangements must comply with all federal and provincial statutes, Canadian Code of Advertising Standards, the town’s purchasing by-law, municipal by-laws, and corporate policies and procedures.
  3. Managing advertising arrangements should not require significant administrative resources.
  4. Advertising devices must not impact the quality and integrity of any town properties and provide no safety risks.
  5. All advertisements must have the name or logo of the sponsor identified.

Advertising solicitation

  1. Departments are responsible for soliciting, negotiating and administering their own advertising agreements.
  2. Departments are responsible for ensuring that third party advertising relationships abide by the restrictions noted in this procedure and in accordance with the town’s purchasing by-law.
  3. Departments are responsible for maintaining a record of all advertising revenues received.
  4. External organizations will be given equal opportunity to advertise in town publications or at town events where appropriate.

Advertising evaluation

  1. Staff will consider whether the proposed advertising opportunity enhances the town’s image.
  2. Staff approving advertising proposals must ensure that all relevant by-laws and policies are adhered to, appropriate consultation and approval authorities are respected, and where applicable that insurance, indemnification, and permits have been obtained.

Advertising approval

  1. Where appropriate, department directors, or their designates, have the authority to enter into advertising agreements within their own departments up to an annual value of $25,000.
  2. Commissioners, or their designates, have the authority to approve all advertising agreements up to an annual value of $50,000.
  3. The CAO, or his/her designate, must approve advertising agreements over the annual value of $50,000. Council endorsement may be required in specific instances as determined by the CAO.
  4. The town may require parties to obtain written third-party community support for advertising messages.

Monitoring and evaluation

  1. Departments will monitor public response to advertising and respond to any complaints about advertising content or design.
  2. All advertising agreements should be evaluated by departments on an annual basis to determine continued benefit.
  3. The town and its departments reserve the right to terminate an existing advertising agreement should conditions arise that make it no longer in the best interests of the town.


  1. Departments are responsible for soliciting, negotiating and administering agreements subject to the applicable policy and procedures.
  2. The Legal department may assist departments in the establishment of advertising agreements exceeding a value of $25,000.
  3. The Strategy, Policy and Communications department may assist departments to determine the consistent use and placement of advertising and for approving website links.


Advertising: is the sale to an external company, organization, enterprise, association or individual of space at town facilities or events or on town printed materials.

Procedure details

Procedure Number: A-GEN-001-004
Parent Policy: A-GEN-001
Section: Administration
Sub-Section: General
Author: Strategy, Policy and Communications Department
Authority: CAO
Effective Date: 2008 May 05
Review by Date: 2023