Insurance Requirements Policy

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Insurance Requirements Procedure

Policy statement

The Town of Oakville (town) strives to manage the risks related to the receipt of goods and services and the use and occupation by groups and individuals of town facilities and property.


The Insurance policy and associated procedures address the requirements of groups and individuals supplying goods or services to the town or using or occupying town facilities or property to have, and provide to the town, evidence of liability insurance.


This policy applies to groups or individuals who supply goods and services to the town or who use town facilities or property.


Town facilities and property: include any and all real property owned or occupied by the town, including without limitation, Town Hall, parks, community centres, arenas, municipal right of ways, and municipal parking facilities.

Policy details

Policy Number: A-INS-001
Section: Administration
Sub-Section: Insurance
Author: Legal Department
Authority: Council
Effective Date: 2019 Apr 29
Review by Date: 2024