Zoning Certificate of Occupancy

A Zoning Certificate of Occupancy (“Zoning Certificate”) authorizes a change in the use of land, building or structure from what was previously approved (e.g. changing the use of a building unit from a retail store to a restaurant).

A Zoning Certificate does not ensure compliance with all applicable zoning regulations, such as minimum yard or setback requirements, and floor area and height restrictions. Furthermore, it is not an occupancy permit pursuant to Section 11 of the Building Code Act and does not give permission to construct or occupy a building or structure.

A Zoning Certificate is required for all non-residential uses as well as the following residential uses;

  • Accessory dwelling / second suite
  • Bed and breakfast establishment
  • Home occupation
  • Lodging house
  • Short-term accommodation

You are not allowed to change the use of any land, building or structure until you have applied for and received an approved Zoning Certificate of Occupancy.

Zoning Certificate of Occupancy Application Package (pdf)