Delegations and Presentations

Presenting information to Council and its Committees

Council welcomes and encourages public input. The following is intended to help you provide information and comments about items on Council, Planning & Development Council and Standing Committee agendas.

Submitting written comments

  • When you submit written comments, you will need to include the full name and address of the presenter and who they are representing, if applicable.
  • Any comments submitted in writing to Council and its Standing Committees are considered public documents which may be posted on the Town of Oakville website.
  • Written submissions can be forwarded in two ways. The first is by hard copy, and this can be sent to:
    Clerk’s Department
    Town of Oakville
    1225 Trafalgar Road
    Oakville ON L6H 0H3
  • The second way is to email
  • If the Clerk’s department receives the submission no later than noon on the day of the meeting, then only one copy is needed. The Clerk’s department will make sure the material is distributed before the meeting. However, if the submission will be coming in after noon, then 20 copies of the written material will be required since the Clerk’s department will not have time to make sufficient copies for distribution.

Speaking at meetings (delegations)

  • Individuals appearing in person to present information at meetings are referred to as "Delegations" in Council's Procedure By-law.
  • Delegations may only speak to items that are listed on the agenda for that meeting.
  • All delegations shall address their comments through the Chairperson presiding over the meeting.
  • Delegations are allowed to speak for a maximum of ten minutes, unless otherwise authorized by Council.
  • Delegations appearing before Council, who have previously appeared on the same subject matter, shall be limited to providing only new information in subsequent presentations.
  • Delegations intending to present PowerPoint or computer generated materials are required to forward the electronic file to the Clerk's department by noon the day of the meeting. This will allow technical support to find out if the material is compatible with the town's system and to properly load the materials for presentation.
  • Once a delegate has finished, the Chair of the meeting will ask Members of Council or Committee if anyone has questions for the delegate.
  • Delegations planning to ask questions relating to the item they are addressing are encouraged to submit them, in writing, to the Clerk prior to the meeting.
  • Delegations relating to public hearing items at Planning & Development Council are required to file a written outline of the submission with the Town Clerk

Registering to speak at meeting

  • Delegations to Council meetings must be registered with the Clerk's department no later than noon on the day of the meeting.
  • Delegations to Planning & Development Council and Standing Committees are not required to register; however, the Clerk's department would appreciate being advised of your intention to speak.

What you should know

  • Delegations at Council are heard at the beginning of the meeting.
  • Delegations at Standing Committees and Planning & Development Council are heard during consideration of the item after the staff presentation, if applicable, has been completed.
  • Delegations are not permitted to speak to an item after the matter under consideration has been confined to table.

For clarification or further information, please contact the Clerk's department at 905 845-6601, ext. 4235 or email