Downtown Plan

What's this project all about?

The Downtown Plan is comprised of two studies — the Downtown Cultural Hub, and the Downtown Transportation and Streetscape.

The Downtown Cultural Hub Study is exploring opportunities to create a downtown cultural and performing arts space including: a performing arts centre, art gallery, library, outdoor program space, and indoor cultural space or digital hub that will become the cultural, social, and economic heart of our community.

The Downtown Transportation and Streetscape Study, approved in 2015, assessed the current traffic and roadway conditions in downtown Oakville and create recommendations to enhance the roadways, beautify streets, improve pedestrian/cycle ways and revitalize the Towne Square, by introducing design standards as well as increasing connectivity, mobility and accessibility.


To create an attractive, active, animated and vibrant downtown where people come together to live, meet, work, stay, interact and engage.

It will be the cultural, social and economic heart of our community where citizens and visitors can celebrate and experience the natural setting, heritage, culture and the arts.


  • To contribute to an economically successful vibrant downtown
  • To create a cultural focus for the town in the downtown area
  • To provide facilities and infrastructure that meet existing and future needs
  • To protect and enhance the natural environmental and cultural heritage of downtown
  • To develop solutions that are financially sustainable

Review the Downtown Oakville project timeline (pdf)


Town Council's approval of the DTS in April 2015 included a contemporary theme for the downtown Lakeshore Road furniture and materials, over traditional and classical, to complement the historic buildings in the streetscape yet remain a reflection of the current time.

In 2016, when specific contemporary furniture pieces were presented to the public in March and June there was significant concern and opposition about the theme choice. Desire to maximize a flexible (curbless) design of the Lakeshore Road East configuration was also discussed at these meetings as a topic for consideration.

On July 25, 2016, Town Council passed a motion directing staff to recommence a public engagement process this fall with traditional, classical and contemporary furniture options — streetlights, benches, bike rings and bollards — for the project, as well as develop options for Lakeshore Road that would provide, in whole or in part, a flexible (curbless) street. Visit the Lakeshore Road Streetscape and Project page for details

Public consultation

Engaging with you is critical to the success of the Downtown Plan. The town has been working with our residents and business owners throughout this process to ensure the public voice is heard and what you value is incorporated into future outcomes. Please visit our Engagement page to learn more.