Downtown Transportation and Streetscape Study

Lakeshore Road Reconstruction

The Streetscape Project on Lakeshore Road is scheduled to start in the spring 2019.

Lakeshore reconstruction

Two-way Street Conversion

The town converted the roads in downtown Oakville from one-way to two-way streets.

Two-way conversion

Lakeshore Bridge Rehabilitation

The Lakeshore Bridge reopened ahead of schedule and on budget.

Bridge reconstruction

Following extensive public consultation, the Downtown Transportation and Streetscape Study (DTS) was approved by Council in April 2015. The DTS is part of the Downtown Plan.

The DTS assessed the current traffic and roadway conditions in downtown Oakville and created recommendations to enhance the roadways, beautify streets and improve pedestrian/cycle ways, by introducing design standards as well as increasing connectivity, mobility and accessibility. Review the DTS final report (pdf).