Sustainable Green Fleet Procedure

Purpose statement

The purpose of this procedure is to guide fleet greening to assist with the Town of Oakville’s (town) greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction goals, reduce the use of non-renewable resources, mitigate climate change impacts and improve fuel efficiency.


This procedure applies to all town departments and staff.


All Town departments and staff shall follow the Sustainable Green Fleet procedure in order to ensure consistency, compliance, where applicable, and to assist in attaining the town’s goals.

All decisions regarding fleet shall take into account:

  1. Promoting and encouraging sustainable green fleet practices to all town staff on an ongoing basis.
  2. Replacing identified fleet vehicles with fuel efficient, low emission and/or electric alternatives, in accordance with the most efficient and appropriate size.
  3. Continuing to implement green fleet maintenance, driver training and management practices.
  4. Implementing and piloting the use of fuel from alternative renewable sources.
  5. Promoting fleet and personal vehicle use operations to achieve fuel efficiencies and support idling reduction.
  6. Implementing innovative carbon reduction strategies and monitoring current and upcoming green fleet technologies and management options.
  7. Continuing to look at job function and potential transition from single occupancy vehicle use to alternative, active transportation modes, such as, walking, cycling or public transit.


Carbon Reduction Strategies: Offset options to reduce carbon output (carbon dioxide emissions) from energy and fuel-consuming operations such as tree planting and alternative energy production.


Environmental Policy Department is responsible for researching, coordinating and providing education, awareness and communications for the Sustainable Green Fleet procedure.

Oakville Transit, Roads and Works, Parking Operations, Parks and Open Space and Fire Departments, and other Departments as applicable, are responsible for ensuring compliance with this procedure.

Procedure details

Procedure Number: EN-GEN-001-001
Parent Policy: EN-GEN-001
Section: Environment
Sub-Section: General
Author: Environmental Policy Department
Authority: CAO
Effective Date: 2009 Apr 06
Review by Date: 2020


EN-GEN-001 Environmental Sustainability Policy
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