Towards Zero Waste Procedure

Purpose statement

The purpose of this procedure is to achieve continuous waste reduction and diversion improvements across town facilities and events taking place on town property.


This procedure applies to the town’s waste reduction and diversion efforts for all town staff and residents at all town facilities and events on town property.


All town staff shall refer to the guidelines set out in the town’s Towards Zero Waste Work Plan, Appendix A, for information on: waste collection; diversion; and reduction. The TZW Work Plan lays out specific zero waste goals and actions related to paper reduction strategies, cafeteria and catering services, hazardous waste collection, bottled water phase-out and town events.

All events taking place on town property are expected to be planned with a zero waste approach. Town staff, community and sporting groups planning events on town property must adhere to the guidelines listed throughout the town’s current Special Events User Guide and Litter By-Law, attached as Appendix B and C, respectively.

Combined, these procedural documents will enable town staff and residents to make the appropriate decisions to advance the town’s progress towards zero waste.


All Departments/Staff are required to comply with the Towards Zero Waste Procedure and User Guide.

The Environmental Policy Department is responsible to promote, educate, track, evaluate and report on the implementation of the procedure, as well as to maintain the Towards Zero Waste Procedure User Guide and staff portico site.


Towards Zero Waste: represents the concept that an organization can reduce, re-use, compost or recycle all of its waste, so that virtually no waste is produced for landfill disposal.

Waste reduction: limiting all unnecessary purchases and packaging, reducing the amount of garbage, recyclables and compostables being generated through town operations.

Waste diversion: separating waste into one of the available waste streams, recycling, composting or garbage.

Town event: includes all departmental celebrations, town meetings, functions, festivals and conferences held on town property or organized by the town.

Procedure details

Procedure Number: EN-GEN-001-004
Parent Policy: EN-GEN-001
Section: Environment
Sub-Section: General
Author: Environmental Policy Department
Authority: CAO
Effective Date: 2011 May 02
Review by Date: 2020
Last Modified: 2015 Sep 21