Environmental Sustainability Plan (ESP)


Oakville’s vision is to be the most livable town in Canada. We act with innovation and a sense of purpose to enhance the resiliency of our environmental, social, cultural, and economic base.

An Updated Plan

A great deal has been achieved by the town and its community partners since the inception of the ESP in 2005. This latest update to the Environmental Sustainability Strategy (pdf) and the State of the Environment Reporting (SOER) program will guide environmental priorities from 2018-2022.


Council approved the first ESP in December 2005 to help improve the environment in Oakville. The plan provides opportunities for residents, environmental groups, commercial interests, industry, community associations, educators and other community stakeholders to identify what they can do to protect and improve their environment, along with the Town of Oakville.

Progress on the implementation of the plan is reported annually to Council.


In April, 2018, an update to the ESP was approved by Council. This update reflects the success of the accomplishments to date and sets out new actions to 2022. The update draws from a series of stakeholder interviews, community interviews, the results of the Community Attitudes Survey and other prior community consultation work related to the environment, and the actions set out in the town’s other master plans. A key theme of the 2018-2022 ESP is the addition of "transformational priorities" that will help focus the work of the town and its partners over the next five years. These priorities are climate change preparedness, reducing our ecological footprint and transitioning towards smart cities.

ESP Implementation status reports:

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