Excessive Motorcycle Noise



Under the noise by-law, motorcycles cannot operate in Oakville if the exhaust emits sound above 92 decibels (dBA) at idle. A train whistle, jackhammer or rock concert generate similar noise levels, typically reaching 90 decibels. Continuous exposure to decibel levels of 90 to 95 dBA could result in hearing loss.

The majority of motorcycles do comply with our noise by-law and you should only be concerned if your motorcycle has been modified or has an after-market exhaust system.

Motorcycle noise enforcement

Each year the town initiates an enforcement program to reduce the number of motorcycles exceeding the noise limit in our community. By-law officers work closely with Halton Regional Police to patrol routes most often used by motorcycles.

Contact Enforcement Services

For more information, or to file a noise complaint, contact Enforcement Services:

Monday through Friday (excluding holidays)
8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.