Council Appointment to Internal Boards and Committees Procedure

Purpose statement

This procedure defines the appointment process, and terms of appointment of Members of Council to internal boards and committees (internal committee(s)).


This procedure applies to internal committee(s), as authorized by the Council.


Appointment to internal committee(s)

  1. Members of Council will be given the opportunity to serve on internal committee(s) of their choice by self nomination.
  2. The Clerk’s department shall poll Members of Council to state their preferences for appointments to internal committee(s), as required, in order of priority.
  3. The Town Clerk will present a report to Council outlining the various internal committees and preferences of individual Members of Council.
  4. All committee appointments shall be ratified by Council.
  5. This process shall be followed for any new committees established as required.

Terms of appointment

  1. Appointment of Members of Council to committees listed in Appendix A shall be for a one (1) year term up to a maximum term of two (2) consecutive years, when required, to accommodate where appropriate for the following:
    1. The rotation of Council representation on such committees;
    2. An equal opportunity for all Members;
    3. A balanced representation.
      The maximum term does not apply where there are no interests in appointment from other Members of Council.
  2. Appointment of Members of Council to committees listed in Appendix B shall be for the term of Council.

  3. Appendices to this procedure will be updated by the Clerk’s department from time to time, to reflect changes to committees as approved by Council.


The Clerk shall be responsible for the administration and maintenance of this procedure.


Appendix A - Boards and Committees;
Appendix B - Ward Specific Boards and Committees.

Appendix A - Boards and Committees

Standing committees

  1. Administrative Services Committee
  2. Budget Committee
  3. Community Services Committee


  1. Accessibility Advisory Committee
  2. Community Spirit Awards Selection Committee
  3. Appeals Committee
  4. Heritage Oakville Committee
  5. Site Plan Committee

Appendix B - Ward Specific Boards and Committees

  1. Bronte Village B.I.A. Board of Management;
  2. Downtown Oakville B.I.A. Board of Management;
  3. Kerr Street B.I.A. Board of Management

This list will be updated by the Clerk's department, as required.

Procedure details

Procedure Number: G-BRD-002-002
Parent Policy: G-BRD-002
Section: Governance
Sub-Section: Boards, Committees, Agencies, Associations and Community Groups
Author: Clerk's Department
Authority: Council
Effective Date: 2006 Jul 11
Review by Date: 2021
Last Modified: 2016 Dec 12