Council Appointment to External Boards, Committees, Agencies, and Associations Procedure

Purpose statement

This procedure defines the appointment process for Members of Council to external boards, committees and agencies (committees), and Council participation in municipal government associations.


This procedure applies to all Members of Council.


Appointment to external committees

  1. Where any of the committees or boards identified in Appendix A require Council representation, a Member of Council may nominate him/herself or any other member.
  2. Recommended appointments to committee(s) will be in accordance with each committee’s mandate and terms of reference.
  3. External committee(s) will be informed in writing by the Clerk’s department, of Council appointments or recommended appointments, where appropriate.
  4. Members appointed to external committee(s) shall represent the position of Council during their term of appointment.

Appointment for participation in municipal government associations

  1. Members of Council may apply for appointment to participate in Municipal Government Associations in accordance with each association’s mandate and this procedure.
  2. Members interested in participating in an association(s) should notify the Town Clerk in writing, who will then notify all other Members of Council by e-mail.
  3. Any other member subsequently interested in being considered for a similar participation opportunity, shall advise the Town Clerk in writing.
  4. The Town Clerk shall submit a staff report to Council through its Administrative Services Committee addressing any members’ interest in participating in an association and any related costs to the Town.
  5. Council will determine whether to support its member(s) participation based on its review of the staff report, the demands of representation, and capacity of individual members to contribute to the work of the association(s).
  6. Where Council supports such participation by resolution, a letter of support shall be prepared by the Clerk’s department and supplied to the member for submission to the association.
  7. Members participating in an association(s) shall represent the views of Council to the association(s).
  8. Council may by resolution withdraw its support to any member appointed to participate in an association(s).


The Town Clerk shall be responsible for the administration and maintenance of this procedure.

Appendix A – List of external boards, committees, agencies and associations.

Regional committees

  1. Regional Waterfront Parks Citizen Advisory Committee
  2. Conservation Halton                                         
  3. Credit Valley Conservation
  4. Joint Municipal Regional Waste Management Advisory Committee


  1. Oakville Public Library Board of Directors
  2. Oakville Tourism Partnership
  3. Town of Oakville Water & Air Rescue Force (T.O.W.A.R.F)
  4. United Way of Oakville – Board of Directors

Municipal government associations

  1. A.M.O. – Association of Municipalities of Ontario
  2. F.C.M. – Federal Canadian Municipalities Association

*This list may not be all inclusive and shall be amended by the Clerk’s department, as required.

Procedure details

Procedure Number: G-BRD-002-003
Parent Policy: G-BRD-002
Section: Governance
Sub-Section: Boards, Committees, Agencies, Associations and Community Groups
Author: Clerk's Department
Authority: Council
Effective Date: 2006 July 11
Review by Date: 2021
Last Modified: 2016 Dec 12