Alterations to Designated Heritage Properties Procedure

Purpose statement

The purpose of this procedure is to outline the process for the exercise of delegated authority for the granting of permits for alterations to designated heritage properties.


This procedure applies to the exercise of delegated authority to grant permits for the alteration of designated heritage properties by the Director of Planning Services (the “Director”), or his or her designate, in accordance with the By-law delegating the power to consent/grant heritage permits for the alteration of designated heritage properties (the “By-law”).


  1. Upon receipt of a heritage permit application, Heritage Planning staff (“staff”) shall make an initial evaluation as to whether or not the application fits into the category of works as outlined in the By-law.
  2. Any heritage permit application that is not in the category of works outlined in the By-law shall be processed in accordance with the provisions of the Ontario Heritage Act, which requires the application to be processed by Heritage Oakville and Council.

  3. Staff shall inform the applicant of the process to be followed.
  4. If the work proposed is in the category of works outlined in the By-law, upon review of the application the Director may:

    1. grant a permit for the proposed alterations to a designated heritage property. The permit may be subject to standard conditions, such as the timeline for the work to be completed and a requirement that the applicant provide satisfactory photographs of the finished work, and may also be subject to any additional conditions specific to the property as the Director may deem appropriate. Written communication is sent to the applicant stating that the work can proceed as outlined within the approval; or
    2. refer the application to Heritage Oakville and Council. Notice of receipt of the application is sent to the applicant stating that the work cannot proceed as submitted and that the process as set out in the Ontario Heritage Act shall apply, and Council retains all decision making power in relation to that application.
  5. The Director shall circulate Heritage Oakville on all permit applications for properties which are designated under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act, prior to processing the application, in accordance with section 4(a) of this procedure.
  6. The Director shall provide a report summarizing the permits granted under section 4(a) of this procedure at a future Heritage Oakville meeting, at a minimum of three times per year, and shall also provide an annual report to Council.

  7. The Director shall prescribe all forms necessary to implement this procedure, and may amend such forms from time to time as the Director deems necessary.

  8. Regardless of any authority delegated to the Director under the By-law, Council may, after notifying the Director, exercise any authority that is delegated to the Director.


The Director is authorized to undertake all acts necessary to carry out the authority vested in the Director pursuant to the By-law, including ensuring compliance with this procedure.

Procedure details

Procedure Number: G-GEN-010-001
Parent Policy: G-GEN-010
Section: Governance
Sub-Section: General
Author: Heritage Planning Services
Authority: Council
Effective Date: 2011 Dec 12
Review by Date: 2021
Last Modified: 2016 Nov 14


Current Heritage Delegation By-law
Ontario Heritage Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. 0.18