Volunteer Procedure

Purpose statement

This procedure outlines the process for recruiting, hiring, training and supervising volunteers at the Corporation of the Town of Oakville (town).


This procedure applies to all persons who volunteer in any capacity for the Town of Oakville and all employees who recruit and/or work with volunteers.


The success of the town’s volunteers depends on coordination of services, and the provision of training and support.

Volunteers may be recruited either through an interest in specific functions or through a general interest in volunteering which will later be matched with a specific function. Supervisory staff will determine which positions are appropriate for volunteer support  and prepare job descriptions for each position.


Volunteer applicants will be required to complete and submit a volunteer application form.  There is one generic application form for the town (Appendix A) although some areas may require completion and submission of a specialized application form due to the nature of the volunteer position.  Applications will be reviewed by appropriate staff person(s) and shall be kept on file in accordance with the town’s Records Retention Schedule.

Selection process / screening

Volunteers selected for an interview shall be interviewed and screened to ascertain their suitability for and interest in any position in accordance with Screening Process/ Reference Checks (Appendix C), and Volunteer Interview Questionnaire Guidelines. (Appendix D)

The Screening Process (Appendix C) may require that a volunteer have a Reference Check (Appendix E) and, in some cases, a Criminal Record Check.

Volunteers are responsible for providing references as required by the town. (A parent or guardian’s written consent is required for volunteers who have not reached the age of majority (18 years) prior to volunteering.)

Acceptance and appointment / placement

Volunteers will be placed in positions in which they are best suited for the mutual benefit of the town and the volunteer.  Notification of acceptance as a volunteer will be issued by the immediate supervisor.  Service as a volunteer with the town will begin upon receipt by the immediate supervisor of a signed Volunteer Waiver Form (Appendix B) from the volunteer designate and a criminal record check, if required.  The Town of Oakville has no obligation to interview or hire a volunteer for any paid position.

Orientation and training

Appropriate and service specific orientation and/or training will be provided.  The orientation and training will review applicable corporate policies and procedures, including but not limited to Respectful Conduct, Employee Code of Conduct, R-Zone procedure, and AODA Accessibility Standards. It will also detail the specific role and responsibilities as well as limits of that volunteer position. Training will be provided by the appropriate staff person. Appendix F provides information on orientation and training.


While performing duties as specified in their position, volunteers are covered by the town’s liability insurance against claims from third parties.  Volunteers are not covered for personal injury, theft, breakage and vandalism of property.

Volunteer drivers must carry at least two million dollars in personal liability insurance. Volunteer drivers must adhere to the Corporate Vehicles, Equipment and Facility Resources Policy.

Volunteers must immediately report any accident, injury and or damage to property of others, regardless of the severity, to their immediate supervisor.

Use/operation of town vehicles, equipment and facility resources

Should a volunteer be required to use town vehicles or equipment, such use shall be in accordance with the Use of Town Vehicles, Equipment and Facility Resources Policy and related procedures.


Regular supervision of a volunteer’s work performance provides for appropriate direction and support. Volunteers will be advised of the name and contact number of their supervisor.

Volunteer assessment may result in training, recognition, added supervision and if necessary termination. Volunteers shall be provided with an opportunity to provide feedback on the volunteer experience.


Due to the wide variety of tasks performed by volunteers and the varying amounts of time spent engaged in them, each department is encouraged to develop a recognition program that acknowledges the volunteers’ efforts.


Volunteer positions vary in length of time depending on the volunteer position.  Volunteers or their supervisors may terminate the arrangement for any reason.


Volunteer: a person who, while under the general supervision of the Town of Oakville, voluntarily and without compensation, provides services to the town and community.


Volunteers shall:

  • Adhere to the same rules, policies, procedures, regulations and standards as town employees
  • Work within the scope of the position
  • Be prompt and reliable in reporting for duty notifying the immediate supervisor as early as possible if unable to report as scheduled
  • Contribute a specific number of hours according to a mutually agreed upon schedule
  • Attend orientation and training sessions as provided
  • Treat the public and fellow workers in accordance with the Employee Code of Conduct and other related policy and procedures
  • Consult with the supervisor before undertaking any new responsibilities
  • Wear attire appropriate for the safety and public perception while volunteering.

Town Employees
It is expected that the department responsible for the recruitment of the volunteers shall:

  • Provide adequate orientation and training and any other necessary tools, (including the relevant safety and accessibility training) to prepare volunteers for a successful experience
  • Verify the understanding of the scope of the position with the volunteer
  • Manage, promote, support and coordinate volunteers and their activities related to the service or program being provided
  • Treat volunteers as respected members of the work team in accordance with the employee Code of Conduct
  • Inform volunteers of any changes in policies and procedures
  • Provide recognition and show appreciation for the contributions of volunteers on an on-going basis
  • Accommodate accessibility needs as required.