Volunteer Policy

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Volunteer Procedure

Policy statement

The Corporation of the Town of Oakville (town) values and encourages the involvement of volunteers within all appropriate services, programs and activities.


The town recognizes volunteers as a vital resource to the community and is committed to providing opportunities for residents of Oakville to volunteer and to enhance quality of life while providing service to the town and community.

Volunteers participate in social, recreational, sporting, cultural, environmental, community support, civic activities and programs. Volunteers are supported through coordination of services and a comprehensive and consistent management approach. A volunteer program offers opportunities for:

  • The town and volunteers to collaborate in developing the community;
  • Volunteers to maintain and develop new skills and networks;
  • Imparting life experiences and developing civic pride in the giving of time and expertise;
  • The town and community to benefit from the value of voluntary and community service.


This policy applies to all persons who volunteer in any capacity for the Town of Oakville and all employees who recruit and/or work with volunteers.

Policy details

Policy Number: HR-RCT-004
Section: Human Resources
Sub-Section: Recruit
Author: Recreation and Culture, Human Resources, Clerk's
Authority: Council
Effective Date: 2008 Dec 15
Review by Date: 2018
Last Modified: 2013 Sep 16