Midtown Oakville Class Environmental Assessment


The Midtown Oakville Class EA study developed a strategy to guide the development of the transportation and municipal storm water network needed to accommodate the planned growth in Midtown Oakville to 2031, as identified in the Livable Oakville Plan, the town's official plan.

Midtown Oakville is a designated urban growth centre in the province's growth plan - Places to Grow and a mobility hub within the Metrolinx regional transportation plan The Big Move.

The Midtown Class EA was a continuation of the Transporation Master Plan Study (Switching Gears) to further assess the infrastructure needs in Midtown Oakville.

The Midtown Oakville Class EA was approved in 2014.

Review a copy of the Notice of Study Completion (pdf).

Final Environmental Study Report

Documents are available in an alternate format or with communication supports upon request. To make a request, contact a member of the Midtown Oakville Project Team at TTY: 905-338-4200, midtownea@oakville.ca, or fill out the accessible online customer service feedback form.

Midtown Oakville Transportation and Stormwater Class Environmental Assessment Report (pdf)
Appendix A - Agency Consultation (pdf)
Appendix B - Public Consultation (pdf)
Appendix C - Traffic Analysis (pdf)
Appendix D1 - Natural Heritage Report (pdf)
Appendix D2 - Cultural Heritage Assessment (pdf)
Appendix D3 - Archaeological Assessment (pdf)
Appendix D4 - Foundation Study (pdf)
Appendix D5 - Noise Assessment (pdf)
Appendix E - Preliminary Improvements (pdf)
Appendix F - Evaluation of Alternatives (pdf)
Appendix G - Design Criteria (pdf)
Appendix H - Structures Report (pdf)
Appendix I - Cost Estimate (pdf)
Appendix J - Stormwater Management Report (pdf)
Appendix K - Preliminary Design (pdf)


Jill Stephen
Director, Engineering & Construction 
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