Mayor criticizes federal infrastructure funding rules

Wed, 07 Dec 2016

Mayor Rob Burton is asking Council to pass a resolution Monday night calling on the federal government to change the rules for their municipal infrastructure funding. The resolution calls on the federal government to stop preventing the funding of planned municipal infrastructure projects.

The federal government has announced billions of dollars for municipal infrastructure but has restricted funding only to projects that are unplanned and unfunded. However, the Province of Ontario requires municipalities to plan their future infrastructure needs in multi-year Asset Management Plans.

“The way the federal government is allocating municipal infrastructure money prevents those municipalities who want funding from following their official Asset Management Plans,” said Mayor Burton.

The resolution – which is being voted on at Town Council Monday, December 12 – concerns federal rules of “incrementality.” Under incrementality rules, the federal government will not accept requests to provide funding for municipal infrastructure projects that are already planned.

"Local leaders were pleased to hear the federal government commit to bringing municipalities to the table,” said Mayor Burton. “Now is the time to follow through on those election commitments, and give municipalities the flexibility to direct funding according to their infrastructure needs.”

A similar resolution has been presented to Halton Regional Council and will be voted on Wednesday, December 14.