Oakville Mayor on the Fort McMurray wildfire

Thu, 05 May 2016

Oakville Mayor Rob Burton made the following statement on the wildfire in Fort McMurray, Alberta:

"The news of Fort McMurray residents contending with this devastating fire is deeply alarming and upsetting.

"It is in moments of great adversity that communities and countries are able to demonstrate their true colours. In northern Alberta, neighbours are offering up their homes to strangers with nowhere to go, business owners are providing the necessities of life to anyone in need, and - of course - first responders are putting their bravery and commitment to their community's safety on display.

"During this disaster, the residents of Fort McMurray and surrounding areas have demonstrated to us the power of community, and shown us all who they are.

"In the coming days, weeks and months, there will be immense work to be done rebuilding Fort McMurray. I encourage Oakville residents to continue sending financial aid through the Canadian Red Cross, and join communities across the country in offering our whole-hearted support."

Oakville residents who wish to donate are encouraged to visit the Canadian Red Cross, or donate via text message by sending "REDCROSS" to 30333.