Oakville Council’s official statement against racism

Thu, 04 Jun 2020

The tragic murder of George Floyd last week has launched protests against anti-Black racism in the United States and around the world with which Oakville and its Town Council stand in solidarity.

As important as it is to condemn violence and racism, we believe it will take abiding commitment to living with each other in mutual respect and cooperation to end racism and violence.

Oakville has a long history of mutual respect for all races amongst our citizens. We recognize the multitude of experiences everyone in Oakville have felt and are feeling.  We are confident that Oakville will continue to live, work, and play together in peace and keep moving forward in solidarity with respect for all and responsibility for individual actions.

As we unite in our shock, anger, and grief, we know our voices can be heard by publicly expressing our feelings peacefully under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

In all we do to respect others we need to include face masks to protect others, hand washing to protect ourselves, and keeping our distance to protect each other. Together we can show all members of society they are valued and respected regardless of race.

Mayor Rob Burton,

Councillors Tom Adams, Ray Chisholm, Cathy Duddeck, Allan Elgar, Dave Gittings, Marc Grant, Janet Haslett-Theall, Jeff Knoll, Natalia Lishchyna, Peter Longo, Sean O'Meara, Pavan Parmar, Beth Robertson, Jasvinder Sandhu