Community Development Policy

Related procedures

Bonusing under Section 37 of the Planning Act
Building Enterprise Model Procedure

Policy statement

The Community Development Commission within the Town of Oakville provides for the planning and development of the town as a community. In accordance with legislation, By-laws, Policies and procedures, the Community Development Commission provides and is responsible for:

  • The management of new growth and change and the maintenance of the existing areas of the town;
  • The administration of processes and requirements associated with community land use, building construction and infrastructure (transportation and water resource), as well as economic development and environmental sustainability;
  • Developing and maintaining the town’s Official Plan and Sustainability Plan, both of which provide guiding principles for all of the town’s master plans.
  • The development and administration of several community master plans including: Environmental Strategic Plan, Economic Development Strategy, Transportation Master Plan, Stormwater Master Plan.


Municipalities are required by legislation to prepare land use and development plans, policies and regulations and associated documents, and to undertake the enforcement of provincial regulations, and the administration of processes and requirements associated with community development.


This policy outlines the general legislative areas under which the Community Development Commission undertakes its responsibilities and practices. The Community Development Commission work is undertaken through 7 areas:

  • Environmental Policy
  • Infrastructure Planning and Improvements
  • Economic Development
  • Development Engineering Services
  • Planning Services
  • Building Services
  • Strategic Business Support

Policy details

Policy Number: MS-CDV-001
Section: Municipal Services
Sub-Section: Community Development
Author: Community Development Commission
Authority: Council
Effective Date: 2014 May 20
Review by Date: 2019