Fire Prevention Procedure

Purpose statement

To outline the services provided by the Oakville Fire Department with respect to fire prevention and public education. The Oakville Fire Department will minimize the potential loss of life and occurrences of fire by delivering strong public fire safety education programs, fire code enforcement, plans review and fire cause determination.


All fire prevention personnel shall understand and adhere to this procedure.


The following outlines the services that will be performed by the Fire Prevention Division:

Simplified risk assessment

A fire risk assessment based on the Ontario Fire Marshal Emergency Management’s (OFMEM) Public Fire Safety Guideline PFSG 02-02-03 will be conducted once every 5 years in order to assess the relative fire risks in Oakville and identify any significant risks which should be addressed. Based on the data collected, the Fire department will determine the appropriate development, selection, and implementation of the fire prevention/ public education programs that will address the risk assessment.


The Fire Prevention Division will perform fire code inspections based on the requirements as set out in the Fire Prevention and Protection Act, the Building Code Act and applicable Town of Oakville by-laws.

Fire inspections will be conducted based on requests and fire safety complaints, as well as in accordance with the Oakville Fire Inspection List, where possible, in Appendix A of this procedure.

Building Code Inspections will be conducted to ensure new construction meets the minimum fire safety requirements set out in the Ontario Building Code.

Annual evacuation drills

The fire prevention division will observe timed evacuation drills for care occupancies, care treatment occupancies or retirement homes annually where the department is notified under Article of Division B of the Ontario Fire Code. When the department is notified of such a request, the Fire Prevention Division will also conduct a fire safety inspection of the facility making the request for the observed evacuation drill.

Plans review

The Chief Fire Prevention Officer or their designate will ensure that at least one (1) Fire Prevention Inspector (FPO) is assigned to conduct plans review on a daily basis. The assigned FPO will conduct plans reviews and approvals of site plans, fire route applications, committee of adjustments, building permit applications, development applications and planning development in order to ensure that all matters related to fire safety are addressed and in compliance with applicable legislation.

The FPO assigned to plans review will also provide technical advice to the Chief Building Official regarding fire safety matters as deemed necessary.

Fire investigation

The Fire Prevention Division will be responsible to conduct a thorough fire scene examination into the origin, cause and circumstance of all fires that meet the Fire Prevention Call-Out procedure or where it is deemed necessary by the senior officer on call.

Public education

The Fire Prevention Public Educator, with assistance from fire prevention officers and suppression division staff when applicable, will deliver public education with respect to fire safety for the citizens of Oakville with the aim of reducing injuries and deaths due to fire.

Planning for the annual fire and life safety program will involve the use of established OFMEM public education programs and campaigns, engagement with community coalitions and community groups and attendance at community events throughout the year.

The fire and life safety programs may also be re-prioritized as a result of the simplified risk assessment, emerging trends and emergency response call data indicating a need to shift the program priorities.

Appendix B to this procedure provides a guide of public education initiatives used to raise awareness of specific fire and life safety programs currently in place.

Public fire and life safety messaging

The Chief Fire Prevention Officer or their designate, will liaise with Oakville’s Corporate Communications to coordinate fire and life safety messaging through media releases, media interactions and social media messaging through the corporate twitter account and any other social media platforms approved by the Town of Oakville Strategy, Policy and Communications department.


In order to verify that the objectives and services identified in this procedure have been completed in a correct and timely manner, it is required that supporting documentation and reports are produced and maintained. All Fire Prevention Division staff shall document their work activities on a daily basis including public education, court proceedings, inspections, fire investigations and plan reviews in the department’s records management system. The Chief Fire Prevention Officer will prepare and submit a monthly activity report on all divisional activities to the Deputy Fire Chief of Support Services for review within 5 business days following the end of the month. An annual activity report and future activity plan shall be produced and forwarded to the Deputy Fire Chief of Support Services by January 31st annually.

Divisional meetings will be conducted every four weeks by the CFPO or their designate and will involve all on-duty members to facilitate staff impute, prioritization of concerns or issues and to provide direction where required. All divisional meeting shall be documented through the use of minutes and action items.

Procedure details

Procedure Number: MS-FPS-001-001
Parent Policy: MS-FPS-001
Section: Municipal Services
Sub-Section: Fire Protection Services
Author: Fire Department
Authority: CAO
Effective Date: 2017 Dec 18
Review by Date: 2022


Appendix A - Fire Inspection List
Appendix B - Public Education Initiatives
Fire Protection and Prevention Act, 1997
By-Law 2011-119, as amended
Oakville Fire Department Policy
Oakville Fire Prevention Call-Out Standard Operating Procedure