Harbour Operations - Payment and Refund Procedure

Purpose statement

The Parks and Open Space department, Harbours section, in its capacity as a harbours operator, has a responsibility to provide products and services to boaters for a fee, as approved annually through the Town’s Rates and Fees book.


This procedure applies to all payments and refunds for harbour products and services within Bronte and Oakville Harbours, operated by the Town of Oakville (town).


The framework for payments with respect to the provision of harbour products and services to customers is as follows:

Mooring slip and payment terms:

  1. Mooring slip contracts are sent out in mid-December for the next fiscal year, and for the application to be considered, all contract submissions require a $250 non-refundable deposit due January 15th, and balances for previous year services must be paid.
  2. Once the mooring is assigned by the Harbour staff an invoice will be issued for the total contract less the $250 non-refundable deposit. The balance of the payment is due by March 15th and overdue accounts will be charged a penalty of 1.25% per month. Boats will not be launched until full payment has been received.
  3. Application for mooring slips must include an insurance certificate and boat registration, as well as proof of Oakville residency.  Non-residents are required to pay a 10% surcharge.
  4. Any new mooring slip applications will be subject to a non-refundable administration fee, as listed in the Rates and Fees, in addition to payment terms in clause 1 above.

Refund terms for approved mooring slips contracts:

  1. Prior to March 1st – Customers will be entitled to a full refund of the mooring contract amount, less any non-refundable deposits or administration fees
  2. March 1st to March 31st – Customers will be entitled to a one-half refund of the mooring contract amount, less any non-refundable deposits or administration fees. If the contract is unpaid, an account adjustment will be made and an invoice will be issued for the balance of the contract.
  3. After March 31st – Customers will not be entitled to receive any refunds.

Haul out and storage fees payments:

  1. Applications for haul outs and storage fees will be accepted by the Harbour office on or before September 15th, along with a $250 non-refundable deposit.   Boats must show proof of insurance with the application.  Invoices for storage will follow less the non-refundable deposit.
  2. Any outstanding balance on the account must be paid prior to haul out or storage.
  3. Refunds for storage are not allowed.
  4. Any unpaid amounts for haul out or storage will be charged penalty of 1.25% per month.
  5. Abandoned boats will be collected within the confines of the Repair and Storage Liens Act.

The Town will not perform the services of launching or hauling out boats until full payment has been received for all services. Boats left in the yard or in the water that have unpaid balances will be held until outstanding balances are paid in full.  NSF cheques will be subject to a $40.00 administrative fee and all efforts will be made to collect outstanding balances, including utilizing legal or collection agency services.

Payments will be accepted by cash, cheque, credit card or debit card via mail, phone or visit to the Harbour office.

In the event of extreme financial circumstances, the Manager, Parks Operations, or designate, is authorized to negotiate alternative terms of payment, subject to no financial loss to the Town.


The Harbours Supervisor shall be responsible for the administration of and ensuring compliance with this procedure.

Procedure details

Procedure Number: MS-HAR-001-001
Parent Policy: MS-HAR-001
Section: Municipal Services
Sub-Section: Harbours
Author: Parks & Open Space Department
Authority: CAO
Effective Date: 2011 May 30
Review by Date: 2021
Last Modified: 2016 Nov 14


Harbours By-Law
MS-HAR-001-002 Harbour Operations - Change or Transfer of Vessel Procedure
Repair and Storage Liens Act