Special Event Permits Policy

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Filming Policy and Related Procedures
Municipal Alcohol Policy and Related Procedure

Policy statement

The Corporation of the Town of Oakville (town) supports community special events that: support the community; enhance quality of life, place and community identity; have value for residents and visitors; generate economic benefits to the community, and positively contribute to Oakville’s livability.

The town regulates community special events on municipal property through the issuance of Special Event Permits to ensure safe, accessible, and valuable community experiences.


This policy offers a corporate definition of a  special event in Oakville and formalizes town support for community special events through the issuance of municipal Special Event Permits.


In Oakville, the term special event or event is used to describe a broad range of activities planned to mark special occasions or to achieve specific social, cultural or economic objectives.

The term special event is recognized to mean different things to different people.

For the Town of Oakville, a special event indicates an activity that occurs outside its normal programming, and often requires the dedication of additional resources.

For the visitor, a special event is an opportunity for a leisure, recreational, social or cultural experience. For the organizer, a special event may be a core element of their job function or organizational mandate, or may be a one-time or infrequent occurrence outside their normal routine or activities.

The accepted definition of a special event or event in Oakville is: a one-time, infrequent or non-routine occurrence, activity or group of activities planned to mark a special occasion or to achieve specific social, cultural or economic objectives.

Restrictions to Requests for Special Event Permits may apply:

The Town will not issue a municipal Special Event Permit to any applicant whose reputation is considered detrimental to the town’s image or the guidelines for event safety and success outlined in this policy and its related procedures.

The Town will not issue a municipal Special Event Permit, either directly or through third party arrangements, to an event that:

  • Conveys the support of or involvement in the production, distribution, and/or sale of weapons and/or other life-threatening products.
  • Conveys religious, political, or other messages that might be deemed prejudicial to other religious, political, or other groups, and/or suggests the hatred or derision of any group.
  • Involves pornography.
  • May be considered likely or intends to cause unreasonable danger to the health and safety of any person.
  • Presents demeaning or derogatory portrayals of individuals or groups or contain any message that is likely to cause deep or widespread offence.
  • Promotes consumption of alcohol, marijuana and addictive substances, at events or venues geared primarily to children.
  • Promote the sale of tobacco.

Events occurring on municipal property shall be consistent with the principle of respect for the dignity and worth of all persons and adhere to the Town of Oakville’s RZone procedure.


For more information about filming in the Town of Oakville, please refer to the town’s Filming policy and related procedures.

Indoor Facility Use

For more information about indoor facility use as it relates to special events, please refer to the town’s Facility Allocation policy.

Policy details

Policy Number: MS-PER-001
Section: Municipal Services
Sub-Section: Permits
Author: Recreation and Culture Department
Authority: Council
Effective Date: 2008 Jul 07
Review by Date: 2024
Last Modified: 2019 Sep 23


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