Temporary Exhibitions Procedure

Purpose statement

The exhibition program for temporary exhibitions in Town of Oakville (town) facilities strives to continually showcase to the public, creative work that reflects the wide range of activities in public spaces by artists including work by art organizations, instructors, students and the community involved with cultural programming.


This procedure applies to artists and cultural group members at all stages of their careers, including local professional and emerging artists, and to the artworks that are on exhibit.


Exhibitions priority and scheduling

  1. Culture staff will collect and prepare all applications for temporary exhibitions, and review all qualified and complete proposals with the Exhibitions Review Committee. Culture staff will notify all applicants of the results of the committee.
  2. Temporary exhibitions reflect the range of activities in the Recreation and Culture department including individual studio and culture community group (CORE) members. It also provides a platform for professional and emerging artists, instructors and students in the community at large. Priority for exhibitions will be shared equally among the public and town initiatives.
  3. The preferred duration of exhibitions will be three to four months.
  4. Installation and dismantling of exhibitions will be scheduled and coordinated with the artist/culture community group members and town culture staff.
  5. Opening receptions to be scheduled with advance notice with culture staff and must abide by all town policies and the procedures, including the Municipal Alcohol policy.

Application procedure

  1. Application submission requires the completion of an application form, images of artwork, a written proposal outlining details of the exhibition and an artist’s Curriculum Vitae.
  2. After confirmation of the exhibition scheduling, exhibitors will consult with culture staff at all stages of exhibition planning and will accept the responsibility for organizing and holding the exhibition in consultation with town staff.


  1. Culture staff will forward an Exhibition Agreement and Guidelines to each exhibitor/exhibiting group to read and sign. A meeting with all scheduled exhibitors will be made by town staff to discuss exhibition installation and invitation design. Meetings between the exhibitor and town staff occur as needed.
  2. Where there are changes to the initial proposal, they must be provided in writing in advance of meeting with culture staff. The Cultural Coordinator/Culture Supervisor, or designate, will provide final direction as to whether a written explanation of the exhibition change is necessary and if pictorial documentation is required.

Issues resolution

  1. For each exhibition, an ad hoc subcommittee of the Exhibitions Review Committee, called the Gallery Exhibitions Advisory Committee, will be comprised of Cultural Coordinator, Culture Supervisor, Senior Manager Cultural Services, a facility Manager, and an Art Group Member representative. This Committee will consider in the first instance the resolution of any controversy arising out of exhibition planning or installation on such matters as safety, suitability for display or unauthorized modification of the original proposal, such as the removal or addition of artwork, etc. This committee will provide a recommendation to the Director, Recreation and Culture.
  2. Where exhibitors fail to follow the procedures established for authorizing changes to an exhibition from the form in which it was originally approved, town staff may cancel or close the exhibition.


  1. All artwork accepted for exhibition will be covered by the town’s insurance. Culture staff will advise exhibitors in advance of the opening of an exhibition if there are any items or components in the exhibition not covered by insurance.


  1. Artwork may be available for sale with prices listed on the labels. All sold artwork must remain on exhibition for the duration of the show. All sales are coordinated by the artist or exhibiting community group. Town staff does not manage the sales of artwork.

Gallery as public space

  1. The location of the exhibition space will provide easy and ready public access.
  2. The public hours of the exhibition spaces are set by the open hours of the town facility.

The Exhibitions Review Committee

  1. The Exhibitions Review Committee shall consist of the Cultural Coordinator, Culture Supervisor, a facility Manager, Oakville Museum curator, Oakville Arts Council representative and at least three members from the local art community.
  2. Meetings are called and the agenda is set by culture staff. Meetings are chaired by culture staff.


The Exhibitions Review Committee remain to:

  • advise those administering the public exhibition program;
  • inform the other members about the exhibition programs;
  • jury artist proposals as needed.

Culture staff will post information about exhibitions on the town website.

Procedure details

Procedure Number: MS-REC-003-003
Parent Policy: MS-REC-003
Section: Municipal Services
Sub-Section: Recreation and Culture
Author: Recreation and Culture
Authority: CAO
Effective Date: 2019 Apr 02
Review by Date: 2024


Cultural Plan (2016 – 2021)