Proclamations Procedure

Purpose statement

This procedure defines the criteria and the application process for the issue of proclamations. The Corporation of the Town of Oakville (town) issues proclamations to recognize, honour and commemorate the value and importance of an individual, event or organization of significance to the town.


This procedure applies to residents, organizations and community groups associated with the town.


Criteria for Evaluation of Proclamation Requests

1. Requests for proclamations which primarily serve to benefit one or more of the following causes are generally approved:

  1. Arts celebrations;
  2. Cultural celebrations in consultation with the Multi-Cultural Council President or designate;
  3. Charitable fundraising campaigns;
  4. Civic promotions;
  5. Public awareness campaigns;
  6. To honour individuals, institutions, or organizations for special achievement(s).

2. Requests for proclamations which fall into any one of the following groups will not be approved:

  1. Political parties or political organizations;
  2. Religious organizations or the celebration of religious events;
  3. Promotion of business or commercial enterprise;
  4. If the intent is contrary to corporate policies or by-laws;
  5. If the intent is to defame the integrity of the Town;
  6. If the event or organization has no direct interest or relationship to the Town.

Application Process

  1. Requests for proclamations, including the proposed wording of the proclamation and supporting information, must be submitted in writing to the Mayor’s office at least three weeks in advance of an event;
  2. The Mayor’s office will review all requests in consultation with the Clerk’s department, where necessary, and if required, make any appropriate amendments to the wording of the proclamation, which improves the structure and or intent of the requested proclamation;
  3. Upon approval, proclamations will be issued by the Mayor and copied to Members of Council through the Council Information package;
  4. The Mayor’s office will provide one copy of the signed proclamation to the applicant;
  5. Notification to the media and advertising is the responsibility of the applicant;
  6. Requests not covered by the evaluation criteria may be approved at the discretion of the Mayor.


Proclamation: a formal public statement designating a period of time (special day, week or month) in recognition of a significant individual, event or organization.


The Mayor’s office in coordination with the Town Clerk shall be responsible for the administration and maintenance of this procedure and the related policy.




Procedure details

Procedure Number: MS-SPR-001-003
Parent Policy: MS-SPR-001
Section: Municipal Services
Sub-Section: Special Requests
Author: Clerk's Department
Authority: Council
Effective Date: 2005 Dec 19
Review by Date: 2024
Last Modified: 2019 Apr 29