Municipal Parking Lots and Garages

The town manages paid parking areas in Downtown Oakville and the Kerr Village business districts.

There are many municipal parking areas in the Downtown Oakville and Kerr Village commercial districts.

There are areas to park that offer from 2 hours to all day parking. Parking overnight is not available.

Limits and rates

Hours of operation and the maximum length of allowed parking time varies with the location of the parking lot or space. Each location has an hourly rate posted. Paid Parking in the downtown area allows for payment by major credit card or coins (some exceptions exist).

For more information visit the Parking limits and rates page.

Service disruptions

From time to time there is maintenance that needs to be done that may impact our customers. Please refer to the Service Disruptions page for further information on service disruptions around Oakville.

Paid parking in Downtown Oakville and Kerr Village

Payment for parking is required at on-street locations and on municipal lots Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. At various locations throughout downtown Oakville and Kerr Village you will find payment available by:

  • pay and display
  • meters
  • pay-by-plate
  • pay with your phone using HonkMobile

All pay-and-display and pay-by-plate machines accept take credit card payment in addition to coins.

Pay with your phone

With the free HonkMobile app, you can easily search, pay for and top up parking from a phone, tablet or computer. This payment option is easy and quick to use so you can get to where you want to go!

Set up is simple:

  1. Visit to download the app from Apple Store and Google Play
  2. Set up account including vehicle and payment information
  3. Choose "zone" or location to park (available on machine or meter or on app)
  4. Choose time needed to park
  5. Extend time up to maximum allowed in location

Please note: Quick stop meters (20 minutes for $.25) are not available for use with HONK mobile payment.


Payment options:

Pay with your phone

Visit to download the app from the Apple Store and Google Play.

Quick stop meters (20 minutes for $.25) are not available for use with HonkMobile payment.

Spaces with meters

coins only; quarter, loonies and toonies accepted

Spaces with pay and display

coins: quarter, loonies and toonies accepted
credit card: Visa, MasterCard, American Express

Please note: Downtown Oakville parking locations only accept B.I.A. tokens as payment at all paid parking locations.

Pay-and-Display areas of parking require a stub be displayed in order to validate payment for parking space.

On-street parking allows for visitors to stay longer...up to 3 hours! This will be available along Lakeshore Road East from Navy Street to Allan Street as well as most side streets in between. Please refer to the Downtown Paid Parking Lots map (pdf) for details of length of stay.

Parking on lots

Payment options:

Pay with your phone

Visit to download the app from the Apple Store and Google Play.


Payment machines on the lots will require visitors to pay-by-plate.

It is simple and easy to complete the payment. With this you now don't need to display your payment stub. Just pay and walk away! Take a picture of your license plate so you remember it!

Just follow these instructions:

  1. Press "OK" to start
  2. Enter license plate number and press "OK"
  3. Press "OK" to continue (Parking options: hourly parking)
  4. Insert credit card/coins
  5. Select time using +/- or "max" buttons
  6. Press "ok" to print receipt