Implementation Tools

Creating the look and feel

The New Communities of Oakville are defined by 14 neighbourhoods, three urban core areas and employment lands.

Each neighbourhood is unique with a variety of homes and commercial centres. Mixed-use areas and well-designed create interesting streetscapes and neighbourhoods. Varied lot sizes and home styles allow people to stay in the same neighbourhood at all life-cycle stages. Each neighbourhood will include a neighbourhood centre that is approximately a five-minute walk from most homes.

These centres can include a transit stop and a few small shops and services. Residential areas will be built in phases, based on market conditions, over a 20 year period.

To implement the residential neighbourhoods, urban cores and employment lands, there are a number of tools:

North Oakville Zoning By-law
Transit Plan (pdf)
Parks Plan (pdf)
Urban Design Guidelines (pdf)
Parking Strategy – Phase A (pdf)
North Oakville Urban Forest Strategic Management Plan (pdf)
North Oakville Trails Plan
Sustainable Development Checklist and User Guide (pdf)
Environmental Implementation Report Functional Servicing Study Terms of Reference (pdf)
Transportation Impact Studies Transportation Functional Design Studies Terms of Reference (pdf)
Subdivision Agreement
North Oakville Site Alteration Guidelines