Zoning By-law 2009-189

North Oakville Zoning By-law 2009-189 is the comprehensive zoning by-law applying to all properties north of Dundas Street and south of Highway 407. It is the rule book controlling how land and buildings are used, the location of buildings on a lot, building heights, and other provisions necessary to ensure proper development. It was created as part of the planning process for North Oakville to implement the North Oakville Secondary Plans. Remaining lands in Oakville are covered by Zoning By-law 2014-014.

Complete text

This consolidation and the mapping available through Explore Oakville have been prepared for convenience. For accurate reference, please refer to the original decisions.

North Oakville Zoning By-law 2009-189 complete text (pdf)

Disclaimer (pdf)
User's Guide (pdf)
Section 1 – Administration (pdf)
Section 2 – Establishment of Zones (pdf)
Section 3 – Definitions (pdf)
Section 4 – General Regulations (pdf)
Section 5 – Parking and Loading Regulations (pdf)
Section 6 – Permitted Uses (pdf)
Section 7 – Zone Regulations

Section 8 – Special Provisions (pdf)
Section 9 – Holding Provisions (pdf)
Section 10 – Interim Control By-laws (pdf)
Section 11 – Temporary Use Permissions (pdf)
Section 12 – Maps (pdf)
Section 12 – Maps (link to Explore Oakville) – current to most recent amendment 
Section 13 – Enactment (pdf)

Appendix A: Approximate Location of the Conservation Authority Regulation Limits (pdf)
Appendix B: Approximate Location of the Highway Corridor (pdf)
Appendix C: Approximate Location of the Pipeline Corridors (pdf)

Zoning inquiries

For more information you may contact a zoning officer at 905-845-6601, ext. 7376 or through email at zoningrequests@oakville.ca .