Oakville residents shine and reduce energy use during Earth Hour!

Tue, 01 Apr 2014

This past Saturday, Oakville nearly doubled their Earth Hour energy savings compared to last year’s event. Oakville Hydro reported that during Earth Hour 2014 the demand for electricity in the Town of Oakville was reduced by 5.3 per cent (9.3 MWh) compared to 2.9 percent in 2013. That’s the equivalent of turning off about 155,000 60 watt light bulbs.

“Council and I want to thank all Oakville residents who participated in Earth Hour,” Mayor Rob Burton said. “Together we’re creating a cleaner, greener town. Our hope is that residents take up the challenge to reduce energy use every day.”

Residents shared their Earth Hour highlights with the town through Twitter and Facebook. Participation included everything from playing hide and seek in the dark to a candlelight choir-sing.

"Earth Hour provides each of us with a chance to not only act as greener citizens, but to also share and influence others to live greener lives," said Rob Lister, Oakville Hydro President and CEO.

In its eighth year, Earth Hour 2014 broke all records of mass participation mobilizing hundreds of millions of people to take part and was observed in over 162 countries and territories and more than 7,000 cities, towns and municipalities.

For more information on what Oakville is doing to conserve energy every day, visit the energy conservation page.