Town of Oakville expands natural heritage system to include lands along Fourteen Mile Creek Valley

Tue, 16 Jun 2015

On June 15, 2015, Town Council unanimously approved an official plan amendment that will see approximately 81 hectares of land along the Fourteen Mile Creek Valley designated as natural heritage system.

“Approving this amendment is an important step to ensure we not only protect, but grow our green space,” Mayor Rob Burton said. “Our residents have been very clear that they want the Fourteen Mile Creek Valley protected and Council and I are meeting that goal.”

The official plan amendment (OPA) designates most of the publically owned lands along the Fourteen Mile Creek Valley as Natural Area under the town’s Livable Oakville Plan — the town’s official plan.

The province is currently undertaking a review of the Greenbelt Plan and this official plan amendment is a critical step in order to have the province even consider including these lands as part of the Greenbelt Plan under the Urban River Valley designation.

The Urban River Valley designation was added to province’s Greenbelt Plan in 2013 and characterizes lands containing natural and hydrologic features and/or designated in municipal official plans for uses such as parks, open space, recreation, conservation and environmental protection.

The lands in the OPA are owned by the Province of Ontario with the exception of the stormwater management facilities owned by the town, and are located along Fourteen Mile Creek Valley between Upper Middle Road to the north and the QEW to the south.