Oakville Transit introduces Home to Hub service in North Oakville

Mon, 29 Jun 2015

New service to replace Route 5A Dundas

Oakville Transit is introducing a new on-request transit service called Home to Hub that will allow residents in newly developed areas north of Dundas to be picked up at home and dropped off at the Uptown Core terminal.

Home to Hub is a shared service using smaller capacity buses to replace Route 5A Dundas. Starting Monday, June 29 the service will be available Monday to Friday, 6-8:30 a.m. and 4:30-7 p.m. Customers who book their trip in advance will get picked at the end of their driveway and taken to the Uptown Core terminal where they can connect with transit routes 1, 5, 19, 20 and 24. Return trips home from the Uptown Core terminal can also be booked.

“Home to Hub is a cost-effective way of providing transit service to commuters,” said Mayor Rob Burton. “We look forward to introducing this unique and green way to travel.”

Trip bookings are required at least two business days in advance and can be booked up to ten days in advance by calling call 905-815-2020 or emailing trip details to transit@oakville.ca.

“Home to Hub is designed to support the growth of the Oakville community,” said Barry Cole, director of Oakville Transit. “As the communities of North Oakville expand and road networks are completed conventional fixed route transit service will be introduced and the Home to Hub service will move to the next developing area.”

Additional information about booking the service is available on the Oakville Transit website.