Downtown Transportation and Streetscape Study sets way for a refreshed and revitalized downtown

Thu, 12 Mar 2015

Discussions continue at April Planning and Development Council meeting

At Tuesday’s Planning and Development Council meeting, the final staff report on the Downtown Transportation and Streetscape Study (DTS) invited much discussion from Council and delegates on the many opportunities to renew and revive the downtown. Given the significant interest in this project, Council agreed to defer the item to the April Planning and Development meeting to allow the public more time to make presentations before Council makes a decision on the DTS study.

“Council’s focus is to ensure that Oakville continues to have an attractive, vibrant and economically-stable downtown,” said Mayor Rob Burton. “We truly value the input from our residents and business owners — this input ensures the revitalization of the downtown streetscape embodies Oakville’s livability.”

Outlined in the report, staff made recommendations for a master plan that addresses all the streets within the downtown study area, including a preferred option for the reconstruction of Lakeshore Road East. The recommendations included wider boulevards, better accessibility for all, an on-street cycling network, improvements to street tree planting, streetscape furnishings and material concept, and conversions from one-way to two-way streets.

“Public consultation has been critical in the development of the DTS options over the last year; and we’re not done,” said Jane Clohecy, commissioner of Community Development. “Throughout the engineering design phase, we’ll be going back to the public to ask for their feedback on furnishings and street materials, and we’ll be having conversations on how to minimize the construction impact on downtown businesses, residents and visitors.”

The April Planning and Development meeting will be another opportunity for residents and business owners to address Council on the DTS study. The staff report and full study reports and appendix are available on the town’s website. Hard copies of the report and appendix are also available at Town Hall and at all Oakville Public Library branches.

Also on the April agenda will be an update report on the Downtown Cultural Hub and a Parking Garage Feasibility Study, which is available on the Downtown Transportation and Streetscape Study page.

The Downtown Transportation and Streetscape Study started in late 2013 with two mandates:

  • To address the need to rebuild Lakeshore Road East
  • To address key strategies laid out in the 2010 Downtown Oakville Strategic Action Plan, in particular: transportation access, mobility and safety, and urban design direction for the streetscape and Towne Square.