Results of the 2015 employee survey show the Town of Oakville is a leading municipality in employee engagement

Tue, 05 Apr 2016

Employee engagement is a key factor for organizational success

The overall results of the town’s 2015 employee engagement survey show that the Town of Oakville is a leading municipality in employee engagement and that staff are dedicated to the corporation’s mission, vision and values. With 93 per cent of staff taking part in the survey, results will be used to create action plans that enhance the town’s positive work environment to maintain high levels of employee engagement and customer satisfaction.

“Whether you’re running a business or a city, maintaining an engaged and invested workforce is essential to delivering excellent service,” Mayor Rob Burton said. “I congratulate town management and staff on our continued success in employee engagement. This is a critical part of assuring Oakville is the most livable town in Canada.”

Conducted by Metrics@Work on behalf of the town, the 2015 survey asked town staff to rate 30 different categories to measure employee engagement and satisfaction levels in areas such as co-worker interaction, customer service, workplace safety, opportunities for advancement, organizational satisfaction, diversity, organizational communication, employee involvement and recognition and reward.

Highlights from the 2015 employee engagement survey include:

  • Ninety-three per cent of staff participated in the survey, an extremely high and favourable rate when compared to Metrics@Work’s municipal sector database. The average response rate for municipalities similar in size to Oakville is 67.6 per cent.
  • With a grand driver average of 69.7 per cent (an overall average score that indicates employee engagement), the Town of Oakville is considered a leading municipality in employee engagement.
  • Scores went up in 21 categories with a slight decrease in six areas compared to the 2012 survey, indicating that the overall direction of change and results are very positive.
  • When Metrics@Work compared the town’s results to the municipal database average, the town scored at least five per cent above the average in 19 out of 27 comparable areas.

Metrics@Work is a human resource management and consulting firm and leading provider of employee surveys for the municipal sector. The town has partnered with them since 2008 to oversee the town’s employee survey every two years. A three year survey cycle is now being used to measure ongoing progress in employee satisfaction.

“The town’s response rate is a strong indication of staff engagement and speaks to the excellent survey practices of the project team and management. It is the highest achieved in our 15-year history of engagement surveying with municipalities in Ontario,” said John Yardley, president, Metrics@Work. “The year-over-year improvement in many areas, plus the overall number of areas that have ranked higher than our municipal database averages, is a testament to the Town of Oakville being a leader in the creation and maintenance of an engaging work environment.”

Oakville’s employee engagement survey is a key tool used in our commitment to performance measurement. The employee survey will be correlated with the results of the 2015 Citizen Survey to develop strategies for continuous improvement.

To read the employee survey staff report, review the April 4, 2016 Council agenda.