Town Council calls on Province to ban door-to-door sales activities

Mon, 11 Jul 2016

Council passed a motion on June 27, 2016, calling on the Province of Ontario to place a ban on door-to-door sales in the home services sector. The motion specifically urges the provincial government to ban the sale or lease of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment, water heaters, water treatment and filtration systems, and other related home energy products and services by door-to-door sales agents.

The motion, brought forward by Mayor Rob Burton, also encourages other GTA municipalities to join Oakville in calling on the Province to act on this issue.

“Despite efforts from the provincial government to curb misleading and aggressive sales tactics at the door, Oakville homeowners still experience it far too regularly,” said Mayor Rob Burton. “Calling on the Province to ban door-to-door sales in the home services sector is the right thing to do for residents in Oakville and all municipalities.” 

It is important for residents to learn about their rights when it comes to door-to-door sales tactics. Before you hear a sales pitch at your door, remember to:

  • ask for photo ID and get the name of the person and the business
  • never share personal information (for example, an electricity or gas bill)
  • call the police if you feel unsafe. If you ask a salesperson to leave, they must leave right away.
  • look at the company name on the salesperson’s business card and promotional material and see if it matches the company name on the proposed contract
  • never rely on a salesperson’s opinion that your water heater is unsafe or should be replaced
  • never sign a contract at that time

Also remember that local utility companies, municipalities, government agencies and regulatory organizations do not send salespeople door-to-door.

Review these tips and more by visiting the Government of Ontario website.