Council adopts official plan amendments for three main street growth areas

Thu, 07 Dec 2017

This week, Council adopted amendments to the town’s Official Plan, the Livable Oakville Plan that will see updates to the growth area policies for Kerr Village, Bronte Village and Downtown Oakville. These changes will update the existing framework for how the town will accommodate growth and build upon the unique character of these three main street areas. The Official Plan Amendments will go to the Region of Halton for approval.

“These amendments provide a framework for sound planning decisions about where we live, work and play, which will ensure the continued vibrancy of our main streets,” said Mayor Rob Burton.

As part of the town’s ongoing Official Plan Review project, Growth Area Reviews assess the town’s six existing growth areas — Kerr Village, Bronte Village and Downtown Oakville, as well as Uptown Core, Palermo Village and Midtown Oakville, to determine where there may be opportunities to accommodate additional residents and jobs. The studies of the "main street" growth areas of Kerr Village, Bronte Village and Downtown Oakville were done first and included extensive public consultation.

While a specific amendment is proposed for each of the three main street growth areas, the overall effect of the updates include:

  • new and revised urban design policies and mapping to enhance urban design objectives to guide and shape the character of these unique areas
  • updated land use designations to permit greater development opportunities at key locations
  • adjusted growth area boundaries

Staff are moving on to the next group of Growth Area Reviews and will be studying Midtown Oakville, Palermo Village and Uptown Core throughout 2018.

The town’s Official Plan Review project is reviewing all of the town’s land use policies to ensure alignment with the most current Provincial legislation and policies as well as local studies. An official plan is a legal document containing goals, objectives, and policies intended to guide land use, development and growth in a municipality. The Planning Act requires a review of the official plan every five years.

To read the staff reports and view the amendments, review the Planning and Development Council agenda from December 4, 2017.

For more information, visit our Official Plan Review page.