Help shape the development of town’s new sign by-law

Fri, 28 Jul 2017

Take the online survey - available until September 5

The town is reviewing its sign by-law to ensure that signs displayed in Oakville address the needs of local businesses without posing safety risks or creating an eyesore. Residents, business owners and land owners are invited to share their thoughts on the type and number of signs permitted in the town by completing a short, online survey.

“In 2006, Council established a sign by-law providing clear rules for groups to communicate with residents while supporting public safety and the character of Oakville’s streetscapes,” Mayor Rob Burton said. “This review is an opportunity for residents to help ensure that by-law addresses the needs of local businesses while supporting the character and objectives of the community.”

The town’s Sign By-law 2006-005 was put in place to:

  • guide the types of advertising signs that are allowed on public and private property;
  • support the town’s objectives to manage visual clutter, ensure the health and safety of the public, and preserve Oakville’s unique character;
  • provide a balance between the town’s objectives and the advertising interests of businesses.

Sign technology has changed significantly since the by-law was established in 2006. The by-law review will consider these changes to ensure streetscapes and the public are not negatively impacted.

The four guiding principles of the review are:

  • health and safety – the design, location, maintenance, and operation of signs should not pose a safety hazard for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians
  • maintaining the community character – signs should be compatible with their surroundings
  • economic development – signs should contribute to the economic well-being of businesses and communities
  • respecting the Charter of Rights and Freedoms – balancing of the town’s objectives with the rights and interests of the business community.

You can share your opinion by taking the online survey until September 5. In addition, residents and members of the business community will have the chance to provide input at a series of open houses in September.