Bronte Youth Centre closing in May due to declining attendance

Thu, 12 Apr 2018

Town introducing new youth initiatives to better meet needs of the community

The Bronte Youth Centre located at 2996 Lakeshore Road West will close its doors on May 18 as a result of a steady decline in attendance and program participation. The town will reallocate the centre’s funding to new youth initiatives including temporary “pop-up” youth centres to better meet the needs of various neighbourhoods throughout town.

The Queen Elizabeth Park Youth Centre located at 2302 Bridge Road less than three kilometres from the Bronte Youth Centre, has experienced steady growth in attendance and will continue to operate as a dedicated youth centre. The Nottinghill Youth Centre which opened in Glen Abbey in 2016 has also been very successful and will remain open.

“Engaging and involving our youth is critical to the success and livability of our community,” said Mayor Rob Burton. “We are exploring new ways to reach and connect with them.”

The town has already implemented the temporary youth centre model at River Oaks Community Centre and Sixteen Mile Sports Complex. When large groups of youth started gathering in the lobby areas and hallways of these facilities, staff opened up available rooms and made video games, ping pong and snacks available along with staff supervision. In both locations, the pop-up youth centres attracted a significant number of participants who appreciated having their own space.

“This more flexible approach to engaging youth will allow our youth services to be more responsive to trends and demand in all areas of town,” said Nina de Vaal, director of Recreation and Culture.

A temporary youth centre can take place anywhere and simply involves staff engaging with youth in a physical space and working with them to provide activities, programs and resources. The town will explore other potential locations such as school gymnasiums and parks.

For more information visit our Youth Centres page.