Welcome to Oakville Matters, Mayor Rob Burton’s TV program, featuring news that matters most to Oakville residents.

Join the Mayor and his panel of guests drawn from the community at large, for a lively discussion of key initiatives around town. Visit the TVCogeco website for daily programming and air times.

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Episode One: Reforming the Ontario Municipal Board

The Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) has been an object of great controversy among municipal leaders and local residence associations for many years. Recently, the Province of Ontario announced it would make sweeping changes to make the OMB more effective and accountable for Ontario residents. How must the OMB change to make sure residents and municipalities are fairly represented at the provincial level? Mayor Burton and his guest panel discuss.

Episode 1

Episode Two: Community Safety and Wellbeing Plans

As the face of policing continues to change, police forces and municipalities are beginning to highlight the importance of community wellbeing to overall public safety. A comprehensive Community Safety and Wellbeing Plan seeks to address some of the greatest challenges to modern policing - such as mental health - and develop a more holistic approach to public safety. How can these plans make Oakville a more safe, healthy community? Mayor Burton and his guest panel discuss.

Episode 2

Episode Three: The Value of Volunteers

From minor sports associations to Big Brothers and Big Sisters and Meals on Wheels, Oakville is filled with organizations that depend on volunteers to support their community. Mayor Burton and his guest panel discuss the vital role that Oakville's culture of volunteerism plays in assuring our community's livability.

Episode 3

Episode Four: An Update on Downtown Oakville

Council has been working alongside residents, businesses and town staff to find new ways to make Oakville's historic downtown a social, cultural and economic hub for the town. Mayor Burton and his guest panel discuss some of the ways the downtown is changing for the better, and what to expect for the future.

Episode 4

Episode Five: Refugee Resettlement

It has been roughly a year since families escaping the horrifying violence in Syria began to find a new home in Oakville. The Oakville community has conitnued to support their new neighbours as they settle into their new lives. What challenges are these families still facing? Mayor Burton and his panel discuss.

Episode 5

Episode Six: Eco-Assets

The many ecological assets in Oakville don't only serve to make their communities more beautiful, enjoyable places to live. They can also serve practical purposes such as stormwater management and noise mitigation. Right now, Oakville is partnering in a new pilot project to track and record the value of these eco-assets to better protect them for future generations. Mayor Burton and his panel discuss.

Episode 6

Episode Ten: Halton Community Investment Fund

Across Halton there are dozens of non-profit organizations working to make their communities more livable for everybody. The Halton Community Investment Fund is one way your local government supports those initiatives. Mayor Burton and his guest panel discuss the fund and what it does for Halton.

Episode 10