Parks, Recreation and Library Facilities Master Plan


To ensure the wellbeing of the town’s residents, and the cohesive development of communities through parks, recreation and library facilities and amenities, advancing overall quality of life.


The plan ensures that the provision of community parks and recreational and library facilities continues to meet the needs if Oakville residents. It also identifies facilities and amenities that are essential to the individual well-being of Oakville residents.

The updated plan was approved by the Community Services Committee on October 23, 2012 and was subsequently approved by Council, in principle, on October 29, 2012.


The draft master plan was received by Council in December 2011 and released for public consultation. It was developed as a tool to assist decision-makers, stakeholders, and the general public in understanding the needs and priorities in Oakville related to parks, recreation, and library facilities. Its objective is to identify these needs as well as the timing and requirements for facilities and amenities. It will not, however, determine the exact location of any recreational facilities or amenities.

The master plan takes into account the changes that have occurred in Oakville since the approval of the original plan in 2006. These include the development of facilities such as Sixteen Mile Sports Complex and Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre, new playgrounds, splash pads and sports fields, as well as the expanded parks system.

Reports and presentations

2017 Five-year Review of the 2012 Parks, Recreation and Library Facilities Master Plan (pdf)
2011 Parks, Recreation and Library Facilities Master Plan - Final (pdf)
2011 Draft Parks, Recreation and Library Facilities Master Plan – Staff Report (pdf)
2011 Draft Parks, Recreation and Library Facilities Master Plan (pdf) 
2006 Parks, Recreation, Culture and Library Master Plan (pdf)

Frequently Asked Questions

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Town of Oakville
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