Rzone — It’s All About Respect

The Town of Oakville is dedicated to supporting and enriching the quality of life of our residents. Our vision is to be the most livable town in Canada. We strive to create an environment where there is a sense of belonging, and participation is encouraged for all our residents, employees and visitors. To that end, one of the Town’s strategic goals is to "treat everyone with respect." The Rzone will help us achieve this goal.

What is the Rzone?
The Rzone is a town-wide procedure that promotes a positive, safe and supportive environment for all members of the public and staff. Violence, vandalism and inappropriate behaviour are not acceptable. The Rzone applies to all Town of Oakville facilities, properties, town-sponsored events, programs, in written or verbal communications, in Town vehicles, or at any other location where Town staff are present.

“R” you in the Zone?
Community organizations, members of the public and Town staff need to work together to promote respect and responsibility.

Here’s how:

  • Be respectful to those around you. Use appropriate language in written and verbal communications.
  • Listen to others express their point of view.
  • Avoid behaviour that would intimidate or discourage others from speaking or participating in an event or meeting.
  • Report activities such as verbal assaults, threats/aggression, physical harm, alcohol consumption, theft and harassment.
  • Remember to respect property, materials and equipment when using services or participating in Town programs.
  • Clean up after yourself or your group - whether in a library, at a park, on a bus or on a trail.

For more information:
Visit the Rzone web page
1-866-67R-ZONE (message only).